Teddy Sheringham: 'I Didn't Set Out To Hurt Gordon Ramsay'

Gordon's Tackler: 'These Things Happen'

We normally try to escape the goings on in the football world as much as possible, but when the worlds of celebrity and sport collided last night for Soccer Aid, we found ourselves hard pressed to avoid the charity match.

Our attention was caught even more when our favourite arrogant TV chef Gordon Ramsay was dramatically carried off the pitch after a dirty tackle.

Now the man responsible for Gordon's inquiries (some bloke called Teddy Sheringham - he's a former professional footballer apparently) has taken to Twitter to defend his actions.

"Never set out to hurt rammer but football is contact sport these things happen," he wrote. "Just got my timing wrong! Am in my mid 40s you know!"

Never heard of the word 'sorry', Ted?

Luckily for him, the chef is not expected to experience any lasting damage and is back home after he was rushed to hospital for treatment last night.

A rep said the star should be back on good form after resting up.

"Gordon was taken to hospital after injuring his back during the game. He was released after receiving treatment and although he's in pain today, there shouldn't be any long term damage," they said.

"He would like to thank the medical team at the ground and the hospital for the excellent care he received."


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