Beyonce Entertains Michelle Obama At First Live Shows Since Giving Birth To Daughter Blue Ivy

Beyonce's Dicey Stage Show

Beyonce's live shows are always uber slick affairs but try telling that to the inflatable dice hurtling towards her face.

Ever the pro, Bey simply swatted it back into the crowd and carried on singing at the Revel Casino show in Atlantic City.

On the head, son. Beyonce dices with danger on stage in Atlantic City

It was the last of four sold out concerts at the New Jersey venue which marked the singer's return to the stage since giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy. VIP guests at the shows included Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland and First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters Malia and Sasha.

Beyonce is, literally, huge

The stage show featured impressive projections of giant images of the singer crying, smoking and taking a bubble bath as well as a private moment between her and her daughter.

One of Tina Knowles', ahem, 'creations'

Less impressive were the hid-e-ous costumes created by Beyonce's mother, Tina, who used to design Destiny Child's stage clothes before she was replaced by Thierry Mugler who created all of the outfits on Beyonce's last world tour.

Let's hope this creative reconciliation with Mama Knowles is only temporary.

Beyonce's Live Comeback


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