Internet Voted The Greatest Innovation In The Last 100 Years (POLL)

What Was Just Voted The Greatest Innovation Of The Century?

The Internet has been voted the greatest innovation of the last 100 years in a new poll.

More than 24.4% of the 1,100 Huffington Post UK readers polled (online, naturally) said that the Internet had made the most difference to their lives over the past century.

Perhaps predictably, the innovation which came second was one of those which made the internet possible: the transistor.

More than 21.3% of people voted the transistor into second place.

The plane (or rather the commercial jet) came third with 13% of the vote, while the TV came a rather paltry fourth (11.5%).

In fifth place HuffPost readers voted for the mapping of the human genome (8.8%), followed by the birth-control pill (5.4%), the cochlear implant (4.1%), the ball-point pen (3.7%) and the satellite (3.3%).

The mobile phone gathered a meagre 2.3% of the votes, suggesting that our enthusiasm for all things mobile might not be as widely shared as we thought.

Rounding out the poll, IVF treatment garnered 1.4% of the votes, while the humble LED came in last with 0.6%.


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