Stacey Solomon Shares Photo Of New Baby Leighton And Reveals His Birth Was 'Easy'

Stacey Solomon Shares Photo Of New Baby Leighton And Reveals His Birth Was 'Easy'

Twitter/Stacey Solomon

After having a 37 hour labour and postnatal depression when she was a teenage mum with first son Zachary, Stacey Solomon has revealed her birth with baby Leighton was much easier.

The X Factor star spoke to the Sun about Leighton's birth, posing for a series of shots with her partner, Aaron and older son Zachary. She then took to Twitter to show off her boys relaxing in the sunshine in this cute shot.

Stacey says her two and a half hour labour with Leighton was 'easy' compared to Zachary's birth, and to top it off, little Leighton sounds like a dream!

"I had a really hard time with Zach so compared to that, this was a dream," said Stacey. "It was two-and-a-half hours. I got to Queen's Hospital in Romford at 10am on May 5.

"Leighton was born at 12.30pm, weighing 7lb, 7oz and perfect. I was back home and in my own bed that evening. It was as if I'd just gone to the shops and come back with a baby.


"Aaron said, 'If it's that easy, we'll have loads.' I have to remember it's not always like that. With Zach, it was 37 hours.

"I couldn't be happier. I've got a lovely family, a wonderful fiancé, my own home and a brilliant job. Leighton is such a good baby. He's very alert but he's also calm and happy to sit there and watch what's going on."

The new mum also spoke about the criticism she received when she was photographed smoking at seven months pregnant.

"Everyone's entitled to their opinion and I was quite happy to listen," she told the paper. "It's not something I want to continue, just as I'm sure most smokers don't want to smoke.

"There are loads of different things I'm in the process of trying but I also don't want to put loads of pressure on myself because I'm so happy at the moment."

How adorable are Zachary and Leighton? Congratulations Stacey and Aaron!