31/05/2012 08:15 BST | Updated 31/05/2012 08:17 BST

'The Apprentice' 2012: Fired Candidate Adam Corbally Says 'Everyone Was Out For Themselves'

So market trader Adam Corbally found himself expelled from The Apprentice just days before the final, after his bad decisions on Wednesday night's show.

As Project Manager of Team Phoenix, Adam was adamant he would get through to the final, stating: "There's no way on the planet that it will be me that goes tomorrow, no way."

However, Lord Sugar had different ideas and sent the man with the gift of the gab on his merry way. Find out how Adam feels now in our You're Fired interview below...

When did you know it had gone wrong?

When Lord Sugar said "you're fired". I was quite gutted but I'm happy to be home. The process was pretty tiring. I respect his decision.

Who was to blame?

As a team we didn't do very well. Since the 10th task, it's been a massive game-changer, everyone was out for themselves, we've gone from team united to team divided. I had Nick and Jade and we were preparing to fail rather than preparing to win.

Does it make it harder that you got so close to the final?

I went far enough to showcase my talent and prove myself. I backed up my claim that I would be the best salesman the Apprentice has ever seen and the figures prove that.

What have you learned about yourself?

I've learned a lot about new industries and that I love sparkling wine. I was out of my comfort zone and realised you can still get on in life like that.

What was your best moment on the show?

I can't remember a few of them because of the wine. I loved the art gallery and I've hosted a couple of sales since. I'm a people person and I connect with people so I love all that, it's very civilized. I thought that was my time to shine.

What were Nick, Karen and Lord Sugar really like?

Very much like you see on TV. Lord Sugar listens to what they say, he's a very good guy, very witty. And the process is very real and the money is real. It's a huge investment.

What will you do now?

Since the show I've been to the House of Commons to spearhead a campaign called Live Local Markets Fortnight, where people can trade with free insurance at local markets. I've got my own app coming out called Love Life, it's free and a motivational app. I've also had an all-expenses paid trip to China where I saw four products and brought them back to England to sell, I'll be trading at the Ideal Home Show. And then there's lots of discussions with the media. Basically the show has opened lots of doors for me and has been a massive opportunity.

Who do you want to win?

I want Ricky Martin to win, he's proved himself and is very concise. He's on the money, for me he has won it.

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