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'The Apprentice' Episode 11 Preview: Adam Turns To Jelly In Penultimate Challenge (PHOTOS)

It's the last chance for Lord Sugar's Apprentice candidates to impress him before the final and the business tycoon is determined to put them through their paces.

The five remaining hopefuls - Tom Gearing, Jade Nash, Ricky Martin, Nick Holzherr and Adam Corbally - are summoned to meet Lord Sugar at Burlington Arcade, tucked away in London’s West End and home to the finest in luxury retail.

It seems like an oxymoron, but Lord Sugar tasks them with making an affordable luxury product range. He tells them: "We are in recessionary times at the moment but there’s still a great market for luxury products, the key is they have to be affordable luxury products.

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"Your task this week is to create an affordable luxury product range and then you’ll be presenting to industry experts, and here’s the bad news, and me, what your business model is all about.”

Adam and Nick present to Lord Sugar

Market trader Adam Corbally is put in charge of Team Phoenix and decides to try and sell luxury chocolate.

But a visit to a high end chocolatier ends with the 32-year-old from Derbyshire and his sidekick Nick Holzherr failing to impress Karren Brady who thinks they have missed "a wonderful opportunity".

She says: "What have they spent their time doing here? Eating chocolate. They failed to grasp the opportunity."

Adam then decides to try and cash in on the popularity of high-quality jellies, telling the rest of his team: "I really want to go for the jellies... jellies are the new big thing, it's going to be big".

Ricky Martin turns to male grooming products

Team Sterling, made up of Ricky Martin and Tom Gearing, decide to try and sell male grooming products but fail to impress Nick Hewer with their boring branding.

He says: "Ricky and Tom, where they are very strong is on the analytical side, the business side. But when it comes to being creative, I think that they really are pedestrian."

Team Phoenix and Team Sterling both know winning this episode guarantees a place in the final, but will the pressure help them perform or will they crumble with nerves? Find out Wednesday, 9pm on BBC1.

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