Alex Reid Releases Official Statement Over Cross-Dressing Claims

Alex Hits Back At Cross-Dressing Claims

The Alex Reid/Chantelle Houghton saga continues to rumble on (and on, and on...) today.

The cagefighter has now issued an official statement over the reports Chantelle's recent decision to move out of the couple's home was because she found a box of his cross-dressing outfits.

In an official statement, Alex said: "I've only ever dressed up a couple of times for a laugh and joke. I don't even have the clothes anymore so Chantelle didn't storm out after discovering any.

"The rumours are once again totally made up, like so many others I have to put up with. But I'm being kept busy with my debut single Stardust, chatting on the radio in Sheffield tomorrow, support from fans has been awesome, good times."

We love how he's managed to drop a plug in there too. Shameless.

However, Chantelle has previously admitted she is unhappy with him dressing up.

She told Heat magazine: "It's not something I wanted him doing if we're going to be together long-term."

"(He's) taking the p**s out of her. It just goes to show the man's desperate for money and will do anything - as much as trying to get my money..."


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