'Bedlam' Star Lacey Turner Has No Regrets About Leaving 'EastEnders'

Lacey Turner says she has no regrets about leaving her award-winning role as Stacey Slater in EastEnders.

The young actress walked away from her high-profile, regular soap job, which had seen her win a whole shelf-load of acting gongs, in 2010, to take on new projects. But she has no doubts she made the right move.

Lacey said: "It was a hard decision because I loved playing Stacey and I loved my time there, but it just got to a point where I'd been there for seven years and I was curious [about what else was out there] - and once I'm curious, I'm gone."

Luckily, it was a risk that paid off, and her latest role sees her join the second series of Sky Living's spooky drama Bedlam.

She said of her casting as a paramedic with psychic abilities: "The first series was brilliant, and we can just hope the new series will be as good if not better. It's a whole new cast, which is great because it mixes it up a bit, and I think it makes it more interesting."

Lacey will also soon be seen in the BBC series True Love, a largely improvised drama, directed by Dominic Savage, which features David Tennant, Billie Piper and Jane Horrocks.

The actress said: "That was another really great experience, to not have a script, and just to read a tiny bit of stage direction for a scene that could be a good six minutes long.

"You put so much trust in Dominic. It's weird - on day one, you've met him for what, half an hour, and then you end up trusting him with your whole career! He was great, and everyone in it was fantastic as well."

:: The new series of Bedlam begins on Sky Living HD on Wednesday June 6 at 10pm.