01/06/2012 17:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Best Of The MAD Blog Awards: Blogging For Fun

The Best of the MAD Blog Awards: Blogging for fun Rex

There's nothing like having children to make you appreciate the lighter side of life. Often embarrassing, always adorable, little ones are a great equaliser.


Even the most high-powered, high-achieving parent may still find themselves bewildered by the amount of nappies a newborn can blaze through, or become a dab hand at getting regurgitated milk out of a favourite item of clothing.


Our MAD Blog Award finalists, sponsored by, are geniuses at sharing the sheer fun of being a parent. There are heartwarming tales and OMG-worthy anecdotes in their posts, like this hilarious tale from Northern Mum about why her son will never again be asked to wear leggings.

One of the loveliest things about having children is sharing a special hobby or interest with them. In The Baby Wears Prada's cute post about new shoes Lucie, our one-year-old narrator, gets into the spirit of London Fashion Week alongside her mother.

Women's magazines are full of 'we've all been there' articles with which we are all supposed to identify, but nobody does this better than parent bloggers. Remember when you were pregnant and complete strangers suddenly started asking if you were sure you wanted to do/eat/drink that? Mummytravels sums up why pregnant women aren't public property.

Similarly you'll find yourself nodding along with Geek Mummy when she asks if you take photos of yourself with your children. How many of us have looked through the family album to see our children with their father, grandparents, aunties, uncles, sisters and brothers, but where's Mummy? That's right, she was the one taking the photos.

Working mums will chuckle at this piece from Bizzy Mum on why children and telephone calls just don't mix. The Phone Call Dance is brilliantly-observed and so true!

We love this post from Diary of a First Child in which she likens having a home birth to running a marathon. It's a fun way of making a serious point – having a home birth takes work and preparation and perhaps most importantly, a sense of determination.

It's the little observations about everyday life that make parent blogs such a joy to read, like this fun post from Not My Year Off which talks about her husband's distrust of their handsome, mysterious neighbour who is fond of urinating in their garden. It's a post guaranteed to have you snorting your tea out of your nose.

Believe it or not parent bloggers don't just write about their children. Mum's Gone To is a fabulous travel diary and this post from the Dordogne was a particular favourite.

All Baby Advice ran the London Marathon and her post is an inspirational reminder that mums and dads are more than just parents to children. They can achieve great things in their own right, too.

And if you think that's impressive, Transatlantic Blonde somehow managed to become an extra on new Hollywood blockbuster World War Z, getting herself within spitting (or drooling) distance of its star Brad Pitt. Find out how here.

What unites all of our bloggers is the deep satisfaction they gain from sharing their journeys with the online world. This Mummy Loves talks here about parent blogger event Cybermummy and what an incredible experience it was for her, showing that running a blog is about much more than just letting off steam.

If you'd like to find out more about our finalists, please visit the MAD Blog Awards website and you can vote for your favourite blogs until June 6.