02/06/2012 17:27 BST | Updated 02/06/2012 18:23 BST

The Voice UK: Leanne Mitchell Named The Winner After An Action-Packed Final (PHOTOS)

The winner of this year’s Voice UK contest is Leanne Mitchell, the big-voiced crooner who was one of her team mentor Sir Tom Jones’ favourites from the start.

This was a surprise to everyone, not least the singer herself, after the joint favourites going into the weekend's show had been Bo Bruce and Tyler James.

But Leanne did her coach proud with It’s A Man’s World and then matched him octave for octave on their duet Mama Told Me Not To Come.

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Leanne Mitchell got the chance to sing with her mentor Sir Tom, and matched him octave for octave

But her moment of the night really came with her reprise of Whitney Houston’s Run To You, which she somehow made her own.

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This was the song Leanne had sung the previous week when she caused an upset knocking out series favourite Ruth Brown.

Meanwhile, the other contestants were as consistently good as we have come to expect (even if there was an unnerving number of references to ousted favourite Ruth Brown – not something that normally happens on these shows…

Bo Bruce did an acceptable impersonation of Sinead O’Connor on her Nothing Compares 2 U, and got rocky with her coach Danny for Read All About It. She reprised Coldplay’s Charlie Brown, which by then was all a bit samey. Her success is now sealed, however, with her sad eyes and palpable vulnerability allied to a distinctive, husky voice.

The increasingly impressive Tyler James surprised once again with I’ll Be There and managed to pull off dancing through the air with his mentor Will.i.am to OMG. Will wisely let Tyler have the floor, contenting himself with including the words ‘Vote For Tyler’ in his rap, and bouncing around afterwards, to ensure the camera stayed on him. Finally, his reprise of Higher Love showcased his falsetto.

The wild card of the final Vince Kidd chortled Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers to Cross, causing coach Danny commenting it was great to champion unknown music! This slip, after a similar display of ignorance last week, has led to the Twitterati wondering "Does Danny live in a cave?"

Vince came into his own during his duet with Jessie, on Nobody’s Perfect, but the ability to hold a tune does not necessarily make for charisma, something Jessie obliquely referred to – “I came on here to look for… a Voice.” Did we get that, people – a Voice? Robbie Williams he was not, and he was, unsurprisingly, the first one to go.

Tonight's Voice finalists in action...

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