04/06/2012 06:10 BST | Updated 04/06/2012 06:10 BST

'The Apprentice': Jade Nash Admits Even She Didn't Like Her Business Plan (INTERVIEW)

"They were completely right," admits Jade Nash, the last woman standing in this year's Apprentice final.

Jade, who had been on the losing team more than any other finalist, was finally fired after Lord Sugar rejected her money-making telemarketing business plan, which involved too many cold calls for his liking.

"It's not just about money. It's about loving the product and that wasn't my reason for the business. Regardless of the fact the business would make money, now I've realised it's not what I want to do," explains Jade.

Jade encountered Claude Littner, and it was all over

As to when she realised it had all gone wrong for her, the development manager from Bedfordshire says it was when she stepped into Claude's office.

Remembering that dreaded moment, she recalls: "I was quite open about what happenned in the interviews - instead of having a poker face, we were all quite honest and I went in with Claude first and he went 'what the hell is this? You're not meant to write a business plan like this'.

"He pretty much slated me and I didn't realise it was wrong, so I thought 'damn I'm buggered'."

The Apprentice finalists in action...

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