05/06/2012 12:06 BST

Euro 2012: Ukrainian Phrases For England Fans

One of the greatest challenges facing England fans at Euro 2012 will be communication.

The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, although Russian is widely spoken.

In Kiev the metro system has recently installed signs in English as well as the Cyrillic alphabet to help supporters travelling around the capital.

But English is not common in Ukraine, and fans will find it easier if they learn a small amount of the native language.

Here are some phonetic translations of Ukrainian words and phrases:

Hello: Pree veet

Goodbye: Do po-ba-chen-ya

Yes: Tak

No: Ni

Please: Boot la-ska

Thank you: Dya-ku-you

My name is...: Mene zvut...

I'm from England: Ya z an-hli-yi

Do you speak English?: V sna yete angli isco?

How to get to the stadium?: Jak doyhaty na stadion?

How much is a ticket?: Skylky koshtuye bylet?

Goal: Hol

Penalty: Pe-nal-ti

Offside: Of-sayd

The score is 3-0 to England: Ra-khu-nok try nul na ko-ryst an-hli-yi

Can I look at the menu please?: Mohzh-nah meh-nyoo boot la-ska?

A table for two people please: Boot la-ska stohlihk dvohkh

One beer please: Od-ne py-vo boot la-ska

Vodka: Horilka

Cheers!: Bud-mo!