06/06/2012 13:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Gives Birth In Car Park After Police Stop Her Twice On The Way To Hospital!

Mum gives birth in car park after police stop her twice on the way to hospital! Alan Richardson

As Rachel Rodger raced to hospital after going into labour with her second child, she thought the odd red light would be her biggest hold up.

But she and husband, Jason, were stopped not once, but TWICE by police as they dashed across town to hospital.

Rachel was in the final stages of labour as the couple made their way to Perth Royal Infirmary in Perthshire, Scotland. They were held up by two lots of police roadblocks and made to answer questions on a local break-in before being allowed to continue to hospital.

The quizzing went on so long, that Rachel didn't quite make it into hospital, and gave birth in the car park outside!

Rachel, 26, says: "I was in the passenger seat when the first officer pulled us over. I was screaming in pain and it must have been obvious to anyone that I was in labour.

"The female officer wouldn't let us through, even though Jason explained what was happening. He kept saying we really had to go and I was trying hard not to push as I could feel the baby was pretty close."

Police officers at the second roadblock let them continue after stopping them briefly, but by that point baby Luke had had enough of all the delays, and made his grand arrival in the hospital car park while dad Jason raced inside to find a midwife.

"My legs gave way. I was on my knees on the tarmac and the baby's head came," explains Rachel.

"They had to cut the cord in the dark. I was very frightened. How difficult would it have been for the first group of officers to radio ahead that we were coming?"

Rachel has since received an apology from Tayside Police after her mum Isobel wrote to complain.

In his reply, Inspector Ian Martin of Tayside Police's community policing division, said: "It is a matter of great regret that our actions resulted in a delay in your daughter getting to Perth Royal Infirmary.

"I offer my apologies if the delay impacted on subsequent events and for any anxiety or distress caused to your daughter."

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