07/06/2012 08:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Men Cry More When Their Football Team Wins Than At Birth Of First Child

Men cry more when their football team wins than at birth of first child PA

Oh come on, dads, this survey can't be true, can it? CAN IT?

According to research, football-mad fellas confessed to shedding more tears of joy when their team won than when their first child was born.

And many said they were moved by their team winning a tournament than their child's first steps or first day at school. That's a red card and straight to the showers, surely?

The survey, by electrical giant Comet concluded that for many men, football was pretty much more important than anything else in their lives, including sex, including their wedding day, including keeping their partner happy.

And they will do anything to watch it.

A third of men said they would happily do chores like the washing up in a trade-off to watch England games uninterrupted.

One in five said they would have dinner with the in-laws in order to have full access to the remote control during the footie.

And one in ten even offered to give up beer if it meant they wouldn't be nagged to do jobs around the house or have to put up with comments about players' legs while matches were on.

Around 40% of men are expected to watch 18 hours of football during Euro 2012, which kicks off tomorrow.

Sports psychologist Martin Perry said the emotional impact of a win was as great as any landmark event in their lives.

"We've all seen men sat with their head in their hands after their favourite team has lost an important football match and this survey really highlights the passion that men can feel towards the beautiful game," he said.

"For many, the feelings they experience when watching a pivotal match can even overshadow the emotion they feel on some of the biggest occasions in their lives, including the birth of their first child."