08/06/2012 07:19 BST | Updated 08/06/2012 07:23 BST

Kitten Vs. Bunny Rabbit - The Ultimate Cute Animal Grudge Match (VIDEO)

So here it is, the video that answers the ultimate question. No, not "What's the meaning of life?" and no, not "What's six times seven?", but the question that preys on all our minds each and every day: "Who would win in a fight between a baby rabbit and a kitten?"

OK, this video isn't exactly conclusive on that front, ending as it does half way through the battle of the cute monsters, but it does gives us some important clues that may one day help us solve this riddle of riddles.

The biggest clue is that bunnikins here looks to have the edge at the end, using his weight and size to his advantage as he tussles with his feline opponent. Damn it, why isn't there an Animal Olympics again?

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