12/06/2012 06:59 BST

The Internet At RockNess: Are They As Badass As Odd Future? (INTERVIEW)

"It's more personal, we don't take ourselves too seriously on stage," says Syd Tha Kid from music duo The Internet, a spin-off of LA hip-hop collective Odd Future.

Syd, who was originally the quiet, girl DJ who pressed the play button in the prolific testosterone-fueled rap group, is now showcasing her own vocals after teaming up with Odd Future's album art illustrator.

As associates of Odd Future - who our known for rapping about rape and their outrageous language at gigs - I wondered if Syd and producer Matt Martians, perform in the same way?

"If we mess up we'll look back and laugh at each other. If I f*** up on the first key I'll be like 'sorry, sorry'.

"After the show we go and converse with everybody who came to see us and we thank them personally and I think they get a personal vibe from us in general. That's what we aim for," says Matt as we sit in the back of their tour van behind the main stage at RockNess festival on the banks of Loch Ness.

Strewn with snack wrappers the van very obviously belongs to an act on tour, but this experience - and being in Scotland - is a first for the duo.

"This is our first tour. We started The Internet a year ago and released our first album in January 2012. At first we weren't planning on doing any performances because singing is just like something hidden in me, so I was scared but then we put a band together so I just did it and manned up.

"I thought I'm just going to get good enough to do it."

The pair have just come from a gig in Leeds and next they're off to DJ in Copenhagen, once their Rockness appearance is complete.

They hadn't looked at the line-up, and asked if they wanted to hear Ed Sheeran they said "who?", but the duo are "open to listening".

Talking about their music which Syd describes as "experimental funk… it's sort of psychedelic in some ways," Matt adds: ""We might rerelease Purple Naked Ladies [their debut album] in a different form in the UK, but we're coming out with a summertime EP probably in the next few months, maybe seven or eight new songs that have the feel of summer."

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