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Robin Gibb's Widow Dwina Reveals She Thought Husband Was Coming Home

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Robin Gibb's wife has opened up about her grief for the first time since the Bee Gees star's death last month, revealing she sleeps with his teddy bear to remind her of her late husband.

The disco legend passed away following a long battle with liver and colon cancer, and his funeral on Friday drew stars including lyricist Sir Tim Rice, singer Peter Andre and actor Leslie Phillips.

His wife Dwina was joined by his last remaining brother Barry, his elderly mother Barbara and their two sons at the moving service - and now she's revealed her pain at becoming a widow at 59.

Dwina tells The Sun she redecorated the couple's bedroom while Robin was in hospital ready for his return - and she's been left devastated about changing the decor now the star has passed away.

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She says: "I changed the curtains, and made everything nice. But I hadn't realised that Robin would never come home again. Now all I want is the old room back - and Robin with it.

"I always sleep with his teddy bear beside me. I gave it to him a long time ago and had Robin's initials embroidered on the teddy's little blue shirt."

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Opening up about the funeral, Dwina adds: "I was moved to tears during our son RJ's tribute to Robin. He said, 'My best friend. My daddy. I love you so much. You were a brilliant light and a true inspiration'. When he said the word 'daddy', RJ became a little boy again, vulnerable, missing his father so much. I broke down."

But watching Robin's coffin being carried out to the churchyard was overwhelming for Dwina: "It was like being in a dream. I felt like an observer. It was the only way my mind and heart could cope."

And Dwina struggled to cope as mourners left the reception following the service. She adds: "I was surrounded by loving people. But after everybody left, the steps upstairs were the loneliest I have ever taken.

"I know Robin would have appreciated everything about the funeral, though. It was him to a T. He didn't like hearses, which is why his coffin was carried in a glass carriage."

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Dwina also reveals Robin's last words before his death: "He mouthed to me, 'Dwina, I want to go home.' Instead, he is now on his last journey - but at least I know he is safe. I am proud of Robin's life, what he has achieved and the inspiration and the happiness he gave so many people.

"Very few people are creative and successful and give so much and inspire others to be creative as well. His legacy is wonderful. When I hear his music I can bear it, because I love it so."

She adds: "I am devastated to have lost my best friend, my husband, my brother. Robin was everything to me. I shall miss him for the rest of my life."

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