12/06/2012 12:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

New Mum Delivers Her Own Nephew After Sister Goes Into Labour At Home!

New mum delivers her own nephew after sister goes into labour at home! Rex

Just weeks after giving birth to her own baby boy, mum-of-three Emma Lewis, 28, delivered her sister's baby.

Emma was still recovering from baby Deacon's delivery on April 7 when her sister Sarah popped in to her home at Pontygwaith, near Porth, Wales, on her way to hospital on May 13.

A few minutes into the visit, Sarah went into full blown labour and baby Will was born on the living room floor, weighing in at a respectable 7lb 4oz!

Sarah, who has two other children, Tian, 12, and Seren, three, said her sister had phoned for paramedics at 9.14 when she realised the baby was on his way, but by the time they got there at 9.35, little Will had already been born!

"Afterwards there was a houseful at my sister's," she told Wales online, "Quite a few of my family and friends were there."

The delighted new mum likened the event to a visit from royalty! "It was like the Queen had been, it was quite surreal!"

Proud aunty Emma said Will's birth would mean she had a 'different kind of bond' with him - and her role in his arrival had reignited her desire to be a midwife.

"I was thinking about putting in to do nursing and midwifery but it's so competitive to get in to – I might change my mind now," she said.

Sarah went off after the birth to her mum Gail's for a cooked dinner! Granny Gail, 51, said she was very proud of her two daughters:

"Delivering Will was a huge responsibility for Emma but she said she just went in to auto-pilot and then at the end she was shaking like a leaf," she adding: "There's plenty to keep me busy, especially when all six grandchildren are here together!"

Aw, what a lovely story! Well done aunty Emma!