15/06/2012 08:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parents Of Stillborn Baby Call For Facebook To Close Down Dead Baby Jokes Page

Parents call for Facebook to close down dead baby jokes page PA

A grief-stricken mum and dad have asked Facebook to close down a sickening page which contains vile jokes about dead babies.

Leanne Burgess, whose little boy Dylan was stillborn last year, was heart-broken when she saw the horrendous 'humour' on the website

She said she wished she had not looked at the page, and branded those posting on it 'twisted beyond belief'.

"It is heart-breaking," she told her local newspaper, "I had a quick look at the site and wish I hadn't."

Leanne left a comment for the page owners - but got a disturbing message back:

"I commented on their site saying 'To lose a baby, the worst feeling in the world' – their comment back... 'To lose a baby is careless'," she said.

Leanne, 30, told the Bury Free Press:


I had to give birth to a baby knowing I will never hear him cry. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. It is something we live with every day, we constantly remember that there is a little boy that should be with us.


She and her husband Peter, from Lakenheath, Suffolk, now have a baby daughter Isabelle who was born in February this year.

She said they were made aware of the disgusting page through the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity, SANDS. SANDS' spokesperson Lisa Wardle said they had been told the page would not be removed as it does not breach Facebook's terms and conditions.

Various petitions to have the page closed down have been set up at

How disgusting is this?
Do you think Facebook should stop allowing vile pages like this immediately?