15/06/2012 12:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Shocking Video: Out-Of-Control Mums Have Punch-Up At Their Children's Graduation Ceremony

We can't quite believe this shocking video which has emerged of a group of angry mums brawling, shouting, pushing and shoving each other at school graduation ceremony - and a pre-school graduation ceremony at that! And why? Apparently, because the little ones had to share the graduation gowns and caps for their photos...

In the footage, the youngsters can be heard screaming in terror as the mum-zillas remonstrate loudly with each other and push each other around in fury.

The anonymous poster of the video suggests the fracas took place at Weemes Elementary School in Los Angeles.

He or she wrote:

"This all started because my son's teacher was so unorganized. Basically because of budget issues all the kids had to share a cap and gown for pictures. One of the moms in the video was basically taking over and the other one didn't like it and told her something about it. The sad part was that there was an older lady that got pushed and she actually hit her head on a bookshelf and I rushed to help her but when this other mom rushed in to help us the angry women actually attacked the other mom."

Let's hope the headteacher had something to say about it!

We're REALLY shocked by this. How can parents carry on in this way in front of their kids?