15/06/2012 10:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Six-Year-Old Boy Helps Deliver His Baby Brother - And Saves His Life

Six-year-old boy helps deliver his little brother - and saves his life! HotSpot Media

How's this for a heart-waring tale of brotherly love.

When mum-of-one Kelly Graves went into labour at her mother's house, her six-year-old son Joby Kane stepped up to the mark and put his fledgling midwifery skills to the test.

Little Joby trotted off and got towels for his labouring mummy, and brought a phone to her so she could contact Granny for help.

Kelly had already been in touch with her local hospital to see about being admitted, but had been told it would be hours before the baby came.

"I rang the hospital at 7.45pm and told them about the contractions going from 10 minutes to six minutes but was told that I should stay at home for the time being and to ring back in an hour," Kelly told her local newspaper.

As her stepfather went off to pick up Kelly's mum - who was to be her birthing partner - the young mum went into the advanced stages of labour.

Kelly said she managed to get to the bathroom after her waters broke, as Joby comforted her and fetched clean towels!

After her second son made his somewhat unexpected arrival into the world, Kelly, 28, noticed the umbilical cord was around his neck, causing him to choke.

"When the baby was born, he was not breathing and was a bit blue, I had to suck into his mouth and nose and the umbilical cord had been wrapped around him but Joby helped turn him around so I was more comfortable and he started breathing again," Kelly said.

Baby Harley Jay is now fit and well - and Kelly, from Mansfield, Notts could not be prouder of her big boy.

"Joby knew what to do. I'm so proud of him," she said, "He's my superhero, he was absolutely brilliant. I thought it would have scared a child but he kept very calm and did not want to leave my side".

Kelly added that Joby was 'fascinated' and said that 'he now knows where babies come from'!

Aw, such a lovely story! And what a brave boy Joby is - most little boys would have probably run a mile!