15/06/2012 08:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Teacher Attempted To Burn 13-Year-Old Girls' Hair Extensions Out

Teacher attempted to  'burn' 13-year-old girls' hair extensions out with 'glue gun' PA Stock image

A 13-year-old girl claims her teacher attempted to BURN out her hair extensions with a piece of science lab equipment - and when that failed, forced another pupil to cut them out.

Courtney Blades-Wilkinson had the two plum and blue coloured strands put into her waist length hair as a birthday treat. A friend and fellow pupil had the same.

The girls' school - The Graham School, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire - has a ban in place on hair extensions, but Courtney's mum claims the deputy head teacher had told her the girls' extensions 'were fine'. Another teacher however, allegedly took exception to the flouting of the rules.

According to Courtney and her unnamed friend, the children we taken down to the science lab where attempts were made to un-bond the hair pieces with a glue gun, before the girls were ordered to cut each others hair.

Outraged Susan Blades-Wilkinson said what had happened to her daughter and the other pupil was 'disgusting'. Speaking to The Sun, Mrs Blades-Wilkinson, 40, said: "To drag two children down to a science lab and try to melt glue from their heads is disgusting.

"It was only a few days to half term and the deputy head had told me the extensions were fine.

"The girls think some kind of heat gun or dryer was used."

Courtney said she asked the teacher to stop because the glue gun was burning her head:

"I asked for it to stop because it burned, but they just kept doing it. It was really scary and humiliating," she said.

Susan Blades-Wilkinson has rejected the school's apology and wants the female teacher to face disciplinary action.

The headmaster of The Graham School, Gary Hancock, said an investigation was underway.

What do you think? Would you be angry if a teacher did this to your child or should they have never come to school with coloured extensions in the first place?