18/06/2012 08:15 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Cheryl Cole Wants To Be A Mummy!

Cheryl Cole wants to be a Mummy Aloud! PA

Oooh, we love it when non-mummy celebs talk about their desire to have babies! And it would seem that Cheryl Cole is VERY keen to be a mum, telling a Sunday newspaper that she is the most broody of all her Girls Aloud band-mates.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror about love, life and relationships, single-girl about town Cheryl, 28, says she is still a firm believer in marriage despite her own relationship breakdown with husband Ashley Cole.

When asked about babies, Cheryl said that although she is kept very busy with all her little nieces and nephews, she would love to be a mum herself - but she thinks we'll probably all end up being surprised by who the first Girls Aloud mummy will be.

"Who will have the first Girls Aloud baby?," she ponders, "I'm probably the most broody out of us all, but you kind of need a man for that to even be an option! I do have 10 nieces and nephews, so they keep me very busy."

Mulling over who it might be out of the girls to make that first baby announcement, Cheryl teased:

"Kimberley has been in the longest relationship. In theory it should be her. But you never know... there might be a shocker and Nicola could surprise us all."

Aw, we reckon Cheryl would make a lovely mummy, don't you? But who do you think will be the first Mummy Aloud?