20/06/2012 08:27 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Schoolgirl Saves Mum From Exploding Ravioli!

Schoolgirl saves mum from exploding ravioli! Thanet Times

A schoolgirl's first aid lessons paid off when she prevented her mum from being scarred – by exploding ravioli!

Vicky Patmore had taken the deadly dish out of the microwave and removed the film lid when the piping hot beef ravioli contents sprayed her face, chin and chest.

But her quick-thinking eight-year-old daughter Ella Rake leapt to action, calling an ambulance and using her new first aid skills to tend to her mum's injuries.

If it wasn't for her super-speedy response her severely burnt mum could have been left with permanent scarring.

Vicky ran a cold shower and Ella told her to wrap cling film round the wound after she got out of the shower.

Vicky, 32, from Birchington, Kent, told her local newspaper: "I am so proud of her. I was in a bad way and she just knew what to do straight away. I had gone into a state of shock."

Modest Ella said: "We have just learnt about burns at school, so that's how I knew what to do. When the ambulance arrived the man told my mum I had done the right thing."

Her mum added: "I am really grateful to the school for teaching first aid. Thank heavens for those classes."

It's not the first time that Ella has come to her mother's rescue. In 2010, she called an ambulance when her mum had a heart attack.

What a clever and brave girl!

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