21/06/2012 14:07 BST | Updated 21/06/2012 18:03 BST

Gary Barlow 'Really Pissed Off That Jimmy Carr's Apologised'

gary barlow

Take That star Gary Barlow is reportedly "right pissed-off" that comedian Jimmy Carr has apologised for avoiding tax.

"Now everyone's paying attention to the story about Take That avoiding taxes," said a source close to the singer. "For a while there, he was safe. Now he's absolutely fuming."

Barlow has even been caught on CCTV camera throwing all his Jimmy Carr: Being Funny DVDs into the wheelie bin outside his home.

Friends of Barlow (pictured above, at home in his practice room) say that the X Factor judge is clinging on to his OBE for dear life, and even takes it to bed with him.

"There's no way he's giving that up," said one. "He treasures it even more than his 1994 Brit Award for Best British Video."

Barlow's next move remains unclear - although it's likely that he will apologise for his tax avoidance so that the spotlight falls on fellow Take That member Howard Donald. Donald will then apologise so that the spotlight falls on fellow Take That member Mark Owen, and Owen will then apologise so that the spotlights falls on Take That manager Jonathan Wild.

Robbie Williams was unavailable for comment.