25/06/2012 08:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Charlie Brooks Broody For A Baby After Playing Pregnant Janine In EastEnders

EastEnders' actresses' fake baby bump made her broody! PA

EastEnders' actress Charlie Brooks has said that playing pregnant Janine Butcher in the soap has left her feeling broody!

Charlie, 31, told Inside Soap magazine that the fake baby bump she had to wear for the duration of Janine's pregnancy was a pain at times, but did leave her longing for another baby!

Charlie, who has a seven-year-old daughter Kiki, said she found herself 'fondling' the bump and saying ''Ah, I really could do this all over again!'

She also admitted that the storyline of Janine's premature delivery and arrival of sick baby Scarlett had been "extremely emotional".

In the soap, Janine and her new husband Michael Moon do not know if their daughter will pull through after her early arrival.

Charlie said the outcome could see a change in mean Janine's character, but admitted she did not really know how she would react:

"I don't know how she would react if anything happened to her child. People respond to things differently. I would think that something like that would change a person for life - but you never know with Janine!"

How odd it must be wearing a full-on baby bump for work each day!