25/06/2012 15:51 BST | Updated 25/06/2012 15:54 BST

'Ted' Star Mark Wahlberg: 'Actors Are A Pain In The A**'

Mark Wahlberg has joked that it was easier sharing the screen with a teddy bear in his new film than working with other actors.

The Fighter star plays a man whose childhood cuddly toy has come to life and lives with him in Ted, and he told the New York Daily News that working with the toy was a breeze because there weren't any "ego problems".

He said: "It's easier than working with another actor. Actors are a pain in the a**. With a teddy bear, there are no ego problems and you only need one take."

However, the father-of-four confessed that working with the bear - who is voiced by the film's director Seth MacFarlane - "took some getting used to".

"They'd have a little stick there with a couple of dots on it for the eyes and I'd just have to visualise that the bear was there," said the 41-year-old.

Mark revealed it was embarrassing when he had to shoot a fight scene with the foul-mouthed bear.

He said: "I didn't actually fight the bear so it was just me flailing around. That one I felt pretty damn ridiculous doing, I'll be honest with you. I was just fake-fighting myself. It wasn't fun. But people love the scene."

Ted, which also stars Giovanni Ribisi and Mila Kunis, is due to be released later this summer.