Harry Potter 15th Anniversary: 15 Things The Boy Wizard Is Responsible For

15 Things 15 Years Of Harry Potter Is Responsible For

15 years on after the publication of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone - the landmark novel which was rejected by publishers, but loved by hundreds of millions of children worldwide - and the boy wizard has, to put it mildly, become something of a household name.

But we're guessing that when Harry Potter first "strolled on into" J.K Rowling's head during a train delay all those years ago, she couldn't have predicted exactly how things were going to pan out.

She probably wouldn't have seen queues of pointy-hatted fans around the block at midnight, waiting for her next book, or foresee commanding Coca-Cola to donate millions to a reading charity, or know that she would one day be responsible for a new tourist attraction in Watford.

But all that came true - as did a film franchise worth billions of dollars, a few religious book-burnings and a legal fraud dispute.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the birth of Potter, we've compiled 15 things he's responsible for - some of which, even if you're a Potter fan, might come as a bit of a surprise...


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