27/06/2012 12:36 BST

Beth Ditto Looks Red-Eyed At 'Comes A Bright Day' Afterparty

Can someone please tell Beth Ditto to go to bed? Either that or get some new contact lenses.

The Gossip singer looked red-eyed last night at the afterparty for the premiere of new movie Comes A Bright Day.

beth ditto

Looks like someone needs to get some Z's.

The film is the directorial debut of Simon Aboud aka Mary McCartney's husband aka Paul McCartney's son-in-law.

Maybe Beth's been up late planning her upcoming nuptials to her girlfriend Kristen Ogata?

The pair plan to get hitched next year and Beth says she can't wait to walk up the aisle as it's something she's always dreamed of.

She told Reveal magazine: "I was born to be married. I just feel comfortable. I love the idea of being partnered forever.

"I love my girlfriend, we've been best friends since I was 18. There's not a thing we haven't been through except for marriage. We've had talks about what we would name our kids since we were in our 20s.''


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