Batman Goes On The Rampage In... Cambridge (VIDEO)

WATCH: Batman Spotted In Cambridge Shopping Mall

A tip of the bat-cap to YouTube prankster TheRobsonExperience.

Robson Thomson, as he's also known, is a practical joker from Cambridge, who gets together with his friends Will Tiddy and Tony Stephens to film a YouTube series in which they recreate famous movie scenes in real life.

Their latest, above, is the extraordinarily fine and extremely silly Batman - The Dark Knight IRL (In Real Life), which sees the caped crusader running around the streets of Cambridge. High streets, markets stalls, shopping malls... nowhere is safe from Batman and his (handcrafted) Batpod.

"The bat motorbike was made by me and a friend of mine, Dace Merryweather, out of cardboard, bin liners and duct tape, and it was finished in just a few hours," reveals Thomson. "As the day progressed it got shoddier and shoddier until the back 'wheel' fell off and we decided to call it quits!"

But what do the locals make of his antics? "I don't think I've bothered anyone in Cambridge... yet," he says. "When my cameraman friend Tony and I film these videos, people laugh and cheer and quite often want me to pose with them for photographs. So I think people understand that we're just doing this for fun."

And a lot of fun - in a very daft, very 'lovable English eccentric' way - it is. You can check out more of Thomson's ...In Real Life series on his YouTube channel (we particularly love the Die Hard one) and join his Facebook fan page. And if you want even more Batman silliness - well, you've come to the right place...


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