Embarrassing Books: The Ten Main Causes Of Biblio Blushing

10 Books You're Ashamed To Read On The Train

We've all been there.

Sat on a packed commuter train, you reach into your bag and slide out your latest paperback with the caution of skeptic picking a magician's card...

...unconsciously your knees go up and your fingers spread, covering the maximum possible space on the front and back cover.

With a final furtive glance at the people around you, you begin to read.

But it's no good. The book in your hands is a burning source of shame. For reasons as ancient and irrational as civilisation itself, you're embarrassed about how your literary choice makes you look to a group of complete strangers.

But what is the cause of this biblio blush?

A multitude of possible reasons for book shame exist, and here we've helpfully rounded them up into ten basic categories.

Be ashamed. Be very ashamed...

Porn Books

Embarrassing Books


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