Family's Heartbreak: Toddler Fell 60ft To Her Death From Balcony Broken By Vandals

Family's Heartbreak: Toddler Fell 60ft To Her Death From Balcony Broken By Vandals


A frantic mum raced screaming to her dying toddler after she fell 60ft from a balcony. Vandals are alleged to have kicked out the glass panels which should have protected her.

Two-year-old Rayaheen Banimuslim toppled through the gap after wandering off from a communal play area four storeys down from the eighth-floor flat her family lived in.

When her mum realised she was missing she ran to find her, but to her horror, discovered her little girl dying on the floor of the car park below at the £20million Northbank apartment complex in Sheffield.

An ambulance rushed the tot to hospital, but she was pronounced dead shortly after.

Her heartbroken 25-year-old dad Hikmat, who is studying for a physics PHD, said the area should have been properly maintained by contractors as the communal garden was the only place where children could play out on the development: "When my wife feels the weather is nice she always takes them to play in this garden," he said, "This is the only garden the children have to play in and they have to make it more secure to save children. No-one came."

The Sun reports other residents voicing their concerns that the management company was slow to carry out repairs. A maintenance worker however told the paper that everything was 'OK with the panels on Monday' when he was cutting the grass, and claimed they balcony must have been 'kicked in Tuesday or Wednesday.'

"Vandals are always breaking in, either smashing, kicking, or taking the glass panels," he said.

A friend of the devastated family told reporters that they were left heartbroken by Rayaheen's death and that she was a 'lovely, beautiful baby.'

So sad and so shocking that a mindless, stupid act by vandals has led to this baby's death.