Lion Cub Plays With Tiger Cub (VIDEO)

WATCH: Lion Cub Plays With Tiger Cub

Now we've all seen a lion cub playing with a dog and a rabbit - well, anyone who's clicked on this link has, anyway - but a lion cub playing with a tiger cub? No way...

Well, yes way, as it turns out. Down at Kowiachobee Animal Preserve in Naples, Florida, there are two five-month-old baby big cats, and volunteer MelindaJVoss is the lady with the YouTube account to prove it.

If you take a look at some of her other videos, you can see the same little tiger splashing around in a pond, a panther and a lion playing together and quite a lot more.

Of course, though it's undeniably cute, it's also not the first time two animals you'd have thought weren't that compatible have spent some quality time together - just take a look at our 'Cats And Dogs - Best Of Friends' video gallery below to see what we mean...


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