Toddler Rescued From 100 Degree Car After Dad Forgot Him

Toddler Rescued From 100 Degree Car After Dad Forgot Him

A dad reportedly FORGOT to drop his son off at nursery and instead left him boiling in the family car in soaring temperates - while he went to WORK.

Kenneth Robinson, 31, told the police that he simply forgot to drop two-year-old Brady at the day care centre, and left him in the car as he went to work at an insurance firm in London, Kentucky.

The police were called after one of Robinson's colleagues spotted the infant looking hot and sweaty in the back of the vehicle.

ABC News report the ambulance service received a call from a 'frantic' woman saying:

"I need an ambulance at Patton-Chestnut and Binder ASAP. A child was left in the car". She can then be heard calling "Is he breathing? Is he breathing?" to a group of people surrounding the car, followed by "Yes, he's breathing."

The little boy was conscious when the police eventually freed him from the vehicle and rushed him to hospital where he was kept in for observation.

He dad was filmed 'looking visibly distraught' whilst talking to the police at the scene - where temperatures were said to have reached around 85 degrees outside and 100 inside the car.

After his arrest, the negligent father pleaded not guilty to felony wanton endangerment, the NY Daily News reports. He now faces child abuse charges.

This comes one week after a baby died in a car in Kentucky.

How on earth can you FORGET your child is in the car? Good grief!