'Jack Reacher' Trailer: Tom Cruise In Action As Loner Investigator (VIDEO)

Tom Cruise watchers - already on tireless vigil since the shock news of his impending divorce was made public on Friday - will have their work cut out analysing the first video footage of the star to be made public since his estranged wife's announcement.

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the first trailer of the film to hit the net

The first trailer showing the star in action as Jack Reacher has hit the net - WATCH IT ABOVE.

Cruise appears suitably grizzled as the loner investigator - the plot of the clip can be summed up as "drives car, has fight", and it's worth a look just for the amusingly-spelt subtitles - the star is apparently a man "with nothing to loose".

A woman in her underwear is seen in the company of Jack Reacher

Filming of the thriller was completed earlier this year, so celeb pundits can also enjoy looking for clues that the actor was on the precipice of arguably his darkest hour - his marriage in tatters, his child about to be the subject of a custody battle and more and more questions being asked about his religion.

Cruise has already weathered what he thought would be the biggest controversy of his year, with fans of the Jack Reacher books saying he was completely inappropriate to play the title role. The hero of the books is 6'5" for starters, with dirty blond hair and multiple scars - with nothing of the boy-next-door good looks Cruise continues to sport on the eve of his 50th birthday.

Gun wielding Jack Reacher is a former United States Army Military Police Major

More strangely, Reacher is known throughout the bestselling series for his complete dismissal of religious beliefs - strangely timed as increasing attention is paid to Cruise's own enduring adherence to Scientology.

But the author of the bestselling novels, Lee Child, has given his approval to the casting of Cruise - so that's one less fight the actor has on his hands, anyway.

The same thing happened over a decade ago with fans of Anne Rice's Vampire saga up in arms over Cruise's casting as vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, until the author herself said she was fine with it, and Cruise went on to win plaudits for his performance as the sexually ambiguous vampire cavorting his way around New Orleans.

Jack Reacher is highly skilled fighter and his favourite moves are elbow strikes, uppercuts, and headbutts

Recent pictures of the star, reportedly "blindsided" by his wife's petition for divorce, weathering an armoury of rumours surrounding their marriage, and holed up in Iceland on location as he prepares to "celebrate" his 50th birthday on Tuesday, do not show him cavorting - so any fresh plaudits he receives for his efforts as Jack Reacher will, surely, be most gratefully received right now.

And here are some pictures of Cruise as Reacher - is he convincing? Have your say...

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