02/07/2012 12:12 BST

Amy Childs Reveals She Was Offered 'Britain's Got Talent' Role... Or Was That 'X Factor'?

Considering Amy Childs has no discernible talent of her own (sorry Amy), we're not really sure what to make of the news she was apparently offered a role on Britain's Got Talent.

The former TOWIE star has revealed that Simon Cowell offered her a guest spot on the panel after Amanda Holden took some time off to have her baby... but only if Amanda's stand-in Carmen Electra failed to turn up.

Speaking at the launch of her new swimwear range, she said: "They asked me to be the understudy for Carmen Electra on the main show of X Factor. If she didn't turn up I would have been on there, which is amazing."

Errr, does someone want to tell her she's got her Simon-Cowell-talent-based-reality-shows mixed up there or shall we?

Talking about what kind of judge she would be, she added: "I'd be so honest. That's just me, do you know what I mean?

"I could be the next Simon. Who wouldn't want to be an X Factor judge? I'd rather do Britain's Got Talent, though, because I like singing."

Seriously has she watched either of these shows?

Amy recently revealed she's set to go under the knife again...


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