02/07/2012 12:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Zara Phillips Was A Brat As A Kid, Says Her Dad!


You can always rely on your parents to spill the beans about your embarrassing escapades as a nipper, can't you - even if you are royalty!

Zara Phillips' dad might not be in his daughter's good books this morning, having revealed to the world that his only daughter was a little 'brat' as a youngster.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Captain Mark Phillips said Zara was 'difficult' and nothing like her 'well-behaved' older brother Peter.

"He was a very well-behaved little boy," the former husband of the Princess Royal said. " He wasn't much trouble at all. He knew where the line was and he didn't cross it."

His daughter though...

"Zara, on the other hand, who came along four years later, was much more difficult, much more of a brat. I don't think she accepted that line at all!" Captain Phillips claimed.

However the Captain went on to admit he wasn't that much of a hands on dad when his kids were small - and only came into his own as a father once his kids were older:

"I was never good with small children. Once Peter and Zara could walk and talk, and be useful, I could relate to them much more."

He also said that his son Peter, now 34, is a much better dad to his two little girls than he 'ever was'.

Going on the record to call the Queen's granddaughter a brat! Parents, eh?