03/07/2012 15:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Britain's Fattest Teen Loses 14 Stone In Hospital And Vows To Change Her Life

Britain's fattest teen loses 14 stone in hospital and vows to change her life

Britain's fattest teen Georgia Davis has spoken out about her weight after losing a staggering 14 stone since firefighters had to partially demolish her home to get her to hospital.

The nineteen-year-old now weighs 42st 6lbs after being put on a strict diet during her hospitalisation.

The teenager, from Abadare, Wales, is now able to walk for the first time in months after shedding some of her enormous bulk.

In a diary written for the Sun, she admits she had got to the point where she asked herself 'How has it come to this?'

The youngster was virtually a prisoner in her own home, unable to leave her first floor bedroom in the terraced house she shares with her mother and stepfather. She had no clothes that fit her, and was forced to wear just a bed-sheet to cover her vast frame.

When she was taken ill in May, a team of 50 workmen had to smash down the walls of her home to allow specialist equipment to hoist her out after her mother, Lesley, 57, raised the alarm when she could not stand up because of her weight.

The teen admits she used to order in around 20 kebabs a week from her a local take away, and spend the day stuffing her face with chocolate and crisps washed down with two litre bottles of sugar-laden Coca cola.

Now, her diet is limited to toast and cereal for breakfast, and meat and veg for lunch and dinner.

She told the paper she was 'nervous and uneasy' in hospital, because she knew she was 'the biggest' she had ever been and it was 'most dangerous for my health.'

She said hospital staff had treated her kindly, but that she was panicky and embarrassed at what she had been reduced to.

Georgia says she now wants to make the most of her life and get her own flat with a girlfriend and travel to Tokyo.

Aw, we wish her well - let's hope she manages to stick with her healthy eating and continues to shed the pounds.