Higgs Boson Discovery Announcement Made In Comic Sans

Higgs Boson Discovery Announcement Made In Comic Sans

Scientists announcing the discovery of the Higgs boson particle at Cern have slightly marred the most significant scientific advance in 40 years by choosing a bad font for the presentation.

Comic Sans - the widely-derided text style infamous for its cheerful, rounded corners - was selected by researchers at Cern for a presentation of the findings.

On Twitter observers were furious - in a largely tongue-in-cheek way - that the font had been chosen for such a momentous announcement.

Within an hour of the news 'Comic Sans' was trending higher on Twitter than 'God Particle'.

Even the font's creator, Vincent Connare, was angry at the choice:

But Professor Brian Cox, who works on one experiment at Cern, defended the choice.

The controversy is nothing new - in 2011 a similarly furious reaction was seen during another key announcement by Cern researchers.

After the outcry, HufffPost blogger and freelance journalist Robert Urquhart wrote: "The reaction to the use of Comic Sans in such a prestigious announcement was akin to many as a social faux-pas on a scale of open flies or a small amount of faecal matter on one's cheek and threatened to overpower the statement on the very centre of our existence."


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