08/07/2012 11:27 BST

Olympic Torch Security Team Get To Grips With Cyclist (VIDEO)

The Olympic torch’s security team got to grips with a cyclist, who according to police “attempted to enter the security bubble around the torchbearer.”

Met Police, who take responsibility for the Olympic torch's security workers, said of the incident in Suffolk on Saturday: "A male on a pedal cycle attempted to enter the security bubble around the torchbearer. The Met's torch security team prevented him from gaining access to the torchbearer and the male fell off his bike. He immediately got back on his bike and left," they told the BBC.

A video of the incident on youtube has been viewed more than 20,000 times, with some accusing the security team of being rough handed.

Some tweeters agreed, writing:

Still, the Olympic torch was kept safe after two children in Coventry tried to get their hands on it.