09/07/2012 15:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Elen Rivas Says It Would Be 'Terrible' For Her Kids If Frank Lampard And Christine Bleakley Move To LA

Elen Rivas says it would be 'terrible' for her kids if Frank and Christine move to LA PA

Frank Lampard's ex and mother of his two children has told a newspaper that it would be 'terrible' if he were to accept a rumoured £13million position with LA Galaxy in the states.

Elen Rivas, 36, thinks such a move would have a devastating impact on the couple's daughters, Luna, six, and Isla, four.

The little girls currently live with Elen, but close by to their dad and his girlfriend, Christine Bleakley.

Speaking to the People, Elen said:

"It would be terrible for my babies. They adore their dad - but it's so far away so they wouldn't be able to see him when they want."

Concerned Elen says she is 'worried' that the distance could mean the girls would rarely see their adored daddy.

"They love spending time with him but I'm worried if he was over there they would hardly ever see him," she said, adding that the girls would probably not understand what was going on in terms of Frank, 34, having to move for work, but that they WOULD know that they would 'hardly see their daddy'.

What a dilemma! Would you move if you had young children living close by, or would no financial offer ever tempt you away from your kids?