World Bodypainting Festival In Pörtschach, Austria (PICTURES)

Painted Ladies (PICTURES)

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside: A bodypainting enthusiast enjoys the view

The Austrian peninsula of Pörtschach brought art to life this weekend with the World Bodypainting Festival.

Featuring hundreds of artists, most wearing barely more than a layer of paint, the event saw the small town transformed into an explosion of colour and creativity.

Bodypainting, airbrushing and UV effect workshops were also offered. ‘Body Circus’, a side event featuring fantasy costumes, extreme makeup and fantasy fashion was held at Pörtschach's castle Leonstain.

The event, in its 15th year, was attended by artists from more than 40 nations worldwide and saw Avatar-inspired outfits, jewelled headresses and lots and lots of bare flesh.

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Colour me happy: A young woman strikes a pose

Grrrrr! A Hulk of a chap gesticulates at the camera


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