10/07/2012 06:57 BST | Updated 09/09/2012 06:12 BST

FIRST LOOK: A Glimpse Of Robocop In New Product Trailer

We're going to have to wait another year until the remake of Robocop is upon us, but anticipation for the film is so established that producers have got away with releasing this tantalising glimpse of what fans can expect.

With a wealth of stars in the film including Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Abbie Cornish and even Hugh Laurie lining up for villain duties, you'd think producers would sneak in a few shots of this A-list lot, but not a bit of it.


Is this the future of policing?

Before they've even started filming, they've given us what amounts to a huge satire on corporate presentation - WATCH ABOVE. It's like one of those 'Come to live in Peterborough' infomercials' with 'Omnicorp' offering to guarantee the safety of the city's citizens with an impressing catalogue of armoury, including..

- XT 908 aerial drones watching over everyone

- ED209 machines that can take on all battlefield comers, including tanks

- The piece de resistance, the RC2000, one of the next generation of defensive products... that'll be Robocop then.

All we know so far is that a wounded cop is reborn as a cyborg, with haunting memories of his human existence. And, of course, this kind of complete control of a city's armaments could be potentially open to abuse and corruption, but I'm just guessing...

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