11/07/2012 15:38 BST | Updated 11/07/2012 15:50 BST

How To Jump Into A Lake With Style (VIDEO)

Fancy a little bit of compare and contrast? Above is a video of some American teenagers leaping into a lake. Below is a video of a drunk Scottish man bellyflopping into a muddy puddle in T In The Park.

Who, ladies and gentlemen, would you rather be? The backflipping Olympic athlete look-a-like or the happiest, muddiest man alive? It's important we know.

It's also important you check out this video gallery of crazy extreme sports, just so you can put both clips into context. Also so you can discover what 'blobbing' is - and trust us, you'll want to discover what blobbing is...

P.S. Thanks to Iain Ewing for pointing us in the direction of the Scottish waterpark adventure.