11/07/2012 15:22 BST | Updated 10/09/2012 10:12 BST

Weather In Art: Paintings And Writing Inspired By Rubbish Weather

The lost summer! The festival killer! The soggy Olympics games!

...Never has a summer in Britain attracted such derision - or, let's face it, rain fall - as 2012, but believe it or not things could be worse.

For centuries, the cantankerous swirl of storm clouds and the dull thud of rain have roused in our artists and writers a desperation to capture - and in many cases exaggerate - the gloomy shadow ashen skies cast over our souls.

Literature students call it 'pathetic fallacy', art students call it lots of blue and black swirls - we call it rotten weather in art, and if nothing else, it ought to make you feel a little better about Britain's summer wash out.

So here, in glorious colour and quotes, are our favourite examples of art inspired by extremely crappy weather. Cheer up Britain!

Bad Weather Art