16/07/2012 07:55 BST | Updated 16/07/2012 10:06 BST

Classic Art Given A Contemporary Twist: When The Classics Get Modern Art Facelifts

Mona Lisa's smile, the shading of Caravaggio and Vermeer's stolen glances, frozen forever, are some of the art world's greatest treasures.

Even if you've not seen the work of the Old Masters on canvas (and very few people have seen the entire lot), you'll be aware of them if only through postcards and hotel wall prints.

But maybe, after several hundred years, it's time they got re-invented.


Dutch artist Jan Banning reappropriates Manet's Olympia

As Turner prizewinner Mark Wallinger brings his latest re-invention of Titian's Diana - a show that's seen a live peep show installed at the National Gallery - we've decided to look at some other examples of when the classics have been brought up to date.

The artists in our gallery below have not just been inspired by the Masters, but used their own practice to question and reinvent them for a contemporary audience.

From assessing xenophobia in Europe, to replacing well-to-do ladies with immigrants and vulnerable women, these modern versions of well-known paintings subvert and surprise.

Has your favourite painting had a facelift? Check out our gallery below.