12/07/2012 12:24 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Terrified Mum-To-Be Had Miscarriage After Fleeing From Burglar

Terrified mum-to-be had miscarriage after fleeing from burglar SWNS

A young mum lost her baby a few days after she leapt from a roof to escape in terror from a burglar.

Persistent thief James Scamp smashed his way into Sarah Weston's home as she rested while feeling ill. The terrified mum-to-be leapt across to her neighbour's flat roof in Sturry, Kent, to escape.

But nine days later, ten weeks into her pregnancy, she suffered a miscarriage - and is convinced it was because of the shock of her ordeal.

"It was the scariest moment of my life, more so because I have kids," the 30-year-old told her local paper. "Thankfully they were at school, but I would have no idea what I'd have done if they were with me."

Sarah, who lives with her partner Stephen Dobson, 29, who works in a motorbike shop, daughter Ella-Jane, seven, and son Joshua, six, says she hopes to have another child.

Police arrested Scamp after discovering his blood on the family safe. He'd stolen two televisions, a laptop, hair straighteners and a duvet.

At Canterbury Crown Court, Scamp admitted burglary and also pleaded guilty to being in breach of a suspended sentence imposed for burglary at an unoccupied student house in March 2010.

Sarah said: "He was quite casual, at one point I could see him, but he couldn't see me then I heard him smashing his way into the house.

"I was just thinking 'I've got to get out, I've got to get out', I didn't know whether to contact my partner first or the police. I jumped onto my neighbour's roof and they let me in.

"I don't know if that caused me to have a miscarriage, but it certainly didn't help - I still don't like being alone now.

"For a few months I didn't want to be left on my own."

Scamp was jailed for a total of 16 months, but Sarah is demanding a higher sentence:

"It's just disgusting, what he's done to me and my family. I had to go through the pain of telling me children there won't be another baby, and he will be out in eight months."