16/07/2012 05:59 BST | Updated 16/07/2012 06:08 BST

Kazakh Olympic Team Looking To Bring Horse Meat To London 2012

Getty Images

If you were asked to list performance-enhancing substances, horse meat probably wouldn't be at the top of your list - but this is the Kazakh Olympic Team we're talking about, and they do things a little differently.

Currently attempting to negociate the strict import rules on foodstuffs to the UK, the largely weightlifting and other strength-reliant sports team say that they can't perform as well as they could without their favorite kind of meat.

"We'll bring horse meat and caviar for each team," says Elsiyar Kanagatov, a Kazakh sports official, though whether they make it through customs with some of their beloved Kazy - a sausage-like dish made of dried horse meat, by the way - remains to be seen.

Whatever the weather, one thing's for sure - the 114 athletes Kazakhstan are bringing to the London 2012 party are definitely going to be hungry, so if it's horsemeat or nay (no pun intended), they're going to be eating a hell of a lot.

And as we're talking Kazakhstan, here's their most famous (fictional) son, Borat Sagdiyev, doing his moustachioed thing...