16/07/2012 09:30 BST | Updated 15/09/2012 06:12 BST

Lego Portal Petition To Go To Official Review After Reaching 10,000 Signatures

Above: one of the concept Lego Portal sets

Since the video game Portal is largely about moving blocks from one place to another - albeit with the aid of spatial teleportation - it seems like a natural fit for a Lego version.

It sounds like the idle pub fantasy of the nerdiest nerd -but now it could actually happen.

Lego is officially considering making a set based on Valve's Portal game after 10,000 people signed up to support the idea.

It's CUUSOO platform allows users to pitch ideas for sets and try to attract support. The Portal pitch reached 10,000 signatures in two weeks, and came complete with numerous designs, wallpapers and other details about what the sets could include.

Reaching 10,000 names doesn't guarantee it will happen, but it does mean a Lego committee will discuss and investigate the idea.

Recently the jury of designers and managers agreed to make a set based on the game Minecraft, which has since been released.

The creators of the project said in their pitch:

"The two seem to mix well, Lego and Portal, the basic bricks and tiles can easily and perfectly (with a little brickmath) replicate the standard setting of Portal, the iconic Testing Chambers.

"But for the more complex assets of the game, notably GLaDOS, there is satisfying level of difficulty, but still an elegant and representative translation. Lego and Portal will mesh nicely, each enhancing the other, the whole greater than the sum of it's parts."

Above: A concept Lego 3D Portal board game - complete with portal puzzles just like the video game.

Lego said it will be officially reviewed in September.

It added: "Again, great work with this project, with presenting several viable Portal 2 product concepts, and effectively connecting with an audience that wants to see a LEGO set based on Portal 2 happen."