16/07/2012 13:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

'You Don't Want To Do It Like That!' Families At War Over Granny's Snide Remarks

Snide remarks by grandmothers about their daughters' parenting skills are a major source of rows, according to a new survey.

Criticisms by the older generation about everything from potty training to children's eating and sleeping habits lead to such nasty arguments that mothers and daughters don't speak to each other for as long as six months.

But grandmothers aren't the only villains. The survey, by Huggies Pull-Ups, revealed that one in three mums has fallen out with someone over how to raise their children.

They have also fallen out with their partner, mother-in-law, friends and even health visitors, after they made an unwelcome comment about their child.

The top 10 'snide' remarks are:

1. Aren't they tall/short.

2. When my child was that age, they were walking, talking etc.

3. Your child is very boisterous.

4. They should be talking more by now.

5. They should be sleeping through the night by now.

6. You shouldn't give them a dummy.

7. They don't eat very well, do they?

8. They should be walking by now.

9. They should be crawling by now.

10. They should have given up their dummy by now.

For almost a quarter of mums, the arguments were so serious, they even stopped talking to the offending party, with almost one in 10 admitting it was at least six months before they put it all behind them and made up.

More than half of mums even say they regularly face remarks from complete strangers.

Some mums were able to take the comments on the chin, but one third of mums admitted they got very defensive whenever someone said something about their child's development.

A tenth of mothers said that someone commenting on their child had made them worry that something was wrong when they previously had no concerns – with 16 per cent so troubled, they ended up speaking to a doctor or health visitor.

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